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Good Food, Great Jazz

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy jazz in a less formal and more intimate manner.  No festival ticket required - just enjoy your meal and the music.

With the exception of the Cocoa Bean Company the venues in the Jazz Dine-Around are fairly small so if you wish to hear any of the musicians involved, be sure to make an early booking to avoid disappointment.


Live entertainment while you have your meal

Every evening during the Festival local restaurants will be the venues for entertainment in more intimate surroundings where we will be showcasing smaller bands and individual artistes. So book early to avoid disappointment, sit back, relax and enjoy.

For reservations call:

Castle Street  Bistro - 01557 330569

Auld Alliance Restaurant - 01557 330888

Selkirk Arms Hotel - 01557 330402

CocoaBean Chocolate Company, Twynholm - 01557 860608


Thursday 8th June

Angus Dick in the Castle Street Bistro 6-8pm


Friday 9th June

Tom Kincaid in the Auld Alliance Restaurant 6-8pm


Saturday 10th June

Tom Kincaid in the Auld Alliance Restaurant from 6-8pm

Jim McPhee in the Castle Street Bistro from 6-8pm

The Kirkcudbright International All Stars in the CocoaBean, Twynholm from 6-8pm

Havana Swing in the Selkirk Arms Hotel from 7.30-10pm


Sunday 11th June

Tom Kincaid in the Castle Street Bistro from 6-8pm